Basement Media Room

Designed, constructed & installed by Avolution.

The Client had a room that was little used, but did not want to give the space over completely to a Home Cinema, so we came up with a design that allows the client to use the room for other purposes, then at the press of a button the room is transformed into a state-of-the-art Home Cinema.

The entire system ( projector, sound system, Bluray¬†player, electric blackout blinds, lights & motorised projector drop mechanism) is controlled by a single touch touchscreen remote control – it really couldn’t be easier to use.

The picture is taken care of by a JVC HD 3D projector and a Screen research 3m wide THX & ISF certified projection screen. If so far your experience of 3D has been somewhat underwhelming then a setup like this may convince you otherwise!

The mighty Artcoustic 7.2 speaker system coupled with a serious Denon AV amplifier ensures phenomenal sound reproduction.

Avolution handled the entire project from start to finish ( including all construction work) which took less than a month and were delighted that this project was given the Artcoustic ‘Installation of the Month’ award for April 2011

Equipment used:

  • JVC Projector
  • Screen Research Screen
  • Future Automation Projector Drop
  • Lutron Lighting
  • Denon Amplification