Invisible Technology.

The Sony 75″ TV is the only visible evidence of the technology used in this ultra-smart home.

However, hidden in the walls and ceilings is a 7.2 surround sound system and all other equipment: amplifiers, sky box, Apple TV etc is hidden away in the rack for a very clean look.

Control is via ipad, single remote or voice commands.

Useful automation features, such as: an occupancy sensor in the Shower room that automatically starts the Clients’ favourite radio station depending on the day of the week & the time of day make full use of the RTI control system.

Designed, supplied & installed by Avolution.

Invisible Technology 1

Key features include:

Amina invisible in-ceiling speakers are completely….invisible!

3 Amina invisible speakers sit behind the textured plaster TV wall and handle the front surround channels whilst 2 x Kef  in-wall subwoofers are hidden in the rear of the TV wall.

More Amina invisible speakers in the Kitchen ceiling.

Colour-changing LED tape is used throughout.

Energy efficient, dimmable LED Lighting used throughout.

The Dynalite Antumbra Touch keypads allow one-touch control of all lighting zones, plus each has a built in thermostat which controls the underfloor heating  – this in turn reduces wall clutter by removing the need for separate wall thermostats.

Antumbra touch keypads also control music volume in the shower room.


Ipad control of all lighting circuits.

Ipad control of heating & hot water.

Equipment used:

  • Sony UHD 4K RV
  • Amina invisible speakers
  • Yamaha Aventage Reciever
  • RTI Control System
  • Dynalite Lighting Control