10 May 2016

Denon debuted its Heos line of speakers nearly two years ago, a set of audio gear that looked to rival multi-room setups like Sonos and others. Now Denon is giving the speakers a bit of a boost by adding some new features including the addition of high-res audio and Bluetooth connectivity. As far as the high-resolution audio […]

08 Oct 2015

Check out this photo I took of a Sony HW-40ES  projecting onto a 2m wide ( 100″ ) screen in a clients’ Home Cinema. This is completely un-doctored, straight off the iphone; but even so you can get a good idea of the beautiful image quality these projectors can achieve – pretty stunning it has to […]

12 Sep 2015

Avolution were proud to be awarded the Artcoustic ‘ Installation of the Month’  award for September 2015.   ‘Dan and the team designed, installed and calibrated the entire room, ensuring a technically perfect room, as well as stunning aesthetics. Artcoustic Spitfire 24-12 are installed for left, centre and right channels behind the acoustically transparent screen, […]