Fully Integrated Board / Training / Meeting Room

Comprehensive AV facilities combined with extreme ease of use.

The Client wanted to create a multi-purpose Board / Meeting / Training Room that was extremely flexible and easy to use.

Working closely with the main project managers: Office Projects , we provided a comprehensive AV system that facilitates multiple use scenarios.

All of the AV kit is hidden away when not in use and a touch panel makes operation extremely easy.

Key features include:

A 96″ projection screen for large presentations.

Projector & screen mounted in ceiling-recessed drop mechanism.

A 60″ TV in a credenza mounted mechanism for smaller meetings and video conferencing.

Motorised in-ceiling speakers.

Motorised Blackout blinds.

Video and audio conferencing.

Intelligent lighting.

Multiple input ports throughout the room for connection to various devices in any room configuration.

A 10″ in-wall Touchscreen for ‘one-touch’ ease of operation and full automation.

Equipment used:

  • Optoma Projector & Screen
  • Future Automation ceiling recessed projector drop mechanism.
  • Kef motorised speakers
  • Philips Dynalite Lighting Control
  • RTI Automation
  • CYP Video Distribution

RTI KX10 in-wall touchscreen makes operation of the room extremely easy and accessible for everyone.

Optoma projector mounted in a Futura Automation drop-down mechanism.

Philips Dynalite control keypad. Different lighting scenes for different apllications plus a failsafe ‘all off’ to prevent the lights being accidentally left on.

Projection screen and Kef electric drop-down speakers.

Samsung TV in Future Automation TV lift mechanism.

Almost none of the AV tech is visible when not in use.